The 4 Clear's Method

The Program $199

In the program I share with you all the lifestyle hacks and treatment methodology to turn your health goals into a reality! 

Perfect for the DIYer who is just looking for where to start and how to proceed.

What's Included?

EDUCATION about how to treat the underlying root cause of ALL Autoimmune Conditions!

Fun Activities and Challenges to get you closer to your health goals

Questionnaires and tracking to see your treatment progress

Facebook Community with Live Group Q&A sessions weekly with Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND

Additional EXTRAS in the Facebook Community Group such as Free Giveaway's, Meal Ideas, Support & Product Videos and much more...

Now in order to go through all the information provided in this program 1:on:1 over several Naturopathic visits you would have spent hours at the office costing you a small fortune.

Hence why I’ve decided to compile the wealth of information into a packaged program.

I'm so excited to support YOU in this amazing online group based program :)

Purchase the Online Program

The  Protocol
$5000 "ALL IN"

In the protocol the program is included and used in a step by step fashion. If you purchased the program prior to going all in with the protocol we will credit your account for the program.

I firmly believe that this protocol is the most comprehensive program that you can follow when it comes to LONG-LASTING results.

In-Person or Virtually under a Naturopathic guided Doctor/Patient relationship.

Let's get started on clearing up your Autoimmune condition & preventing further flare-ups.

Note that the Protocol due to it being a 1:1 doctor/patient relationship can only be provided to those residing in Ontario, Canada under the license of Naturopathic Doctor Jacquie Moulton.

The Initial Onboarding Call is $200 and covered by most extended health insurance benefits.

The Protocol provides additional support to the Program by adding:

Laboratory Investigations:
* Diagnostic Solutions GI MAP comprehensive Stool Analysis (or CSA as alternative)
* Re-imbursement for Microcell Laboratory Inc. Live Blood Analysis
* RMA Enhanced Food Sensitivity Testing
* Life Labs Enhanced Healthy Living Panel
* Precision Analytical DUTCH Complete Hormone with OAT

* additional Life Labs Thyroid panel if needed
* additional Great Plain's Laboratory Organic acids test if needed

1:1 Support with Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND

12 x Monthly Progress Check in's
6 x Weekly habit tracking to setup your plan
Additional support given on an as needed basis

The total investment is $5000 over a full year of support. This program does not require full payment upfront!

There is a 12-month and 6-month payment plan available
12-month $500/ month
6-month $900/ month

This doesn't include any cost for supplements or additional therapies like IV's or injections which is determined on a patient to patient basis.

All patient's in the 4 Clear's Method protocol receive 20% off all Supplements through Fullscript & Monthly GIFTS mailed directly to your door :)

Are you READY to go ALL IN on your HEALTH! If YES then I would love to support you through this journey. Please email [email protected] with any questions or book you initial onboarding call TODAY!

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