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Naturopathic medicine encompasses many different alternative therapies through the lens of a primary care practitioner. What that means is we are medically trained in diagnostics similar to a family doctor however naturally focused when your medical doctor would prescribe pharmaceuticals like antibiotics we would prescribe something called an antimicrobial, nutrient injections, hydrotherapy to stimulate the immune system and much more. This is an over-simplification*

Naturopathic Visits

one-on-one health care

In-Person and Virtual Naturopathic care for overall health concerns
Initial Visits 60-75min
Lab referral initial visit 45min
IV Consultation & Assessment 45-60min
Acute Visits 0-15min
Follow Up Visits 15-45min

IV Nutrient Therapy

Meyer Cocktails, IVC, Glutathione, B12 + Vitamin D injections

When digestion or absorption isn't optimal we can administer therapeutic dosages of nutrients via intra-venous or IM injections

Botanical Medicine & Supplemental Nutrition

Customized herbal tinctures & teas

Customized botanical preparations allow Dr. Jacquie to ensure treatment is tailored to fit your current medication regimen without interactions


Pain management, Anxiety, Insomnia, Hotflashes, Fertility & Cosmetic

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years. Dr. Jacquie utilizes concepts from Traditional Chinese medicine and Western MSK trigger points to create the perfect treatment for you.

Bio-identical Hormones & DTE

Hormonal balancing

Hormonal imbalances can occur at any age and create multiple health concerns. 

Commonly treated:
Hypo & Hyper- thyroidism
Androgen excess
Progesterone deficiency
Estrogen excess or deficiency

Nutrition Counseling

Tailored Nutrition Plans

Analyzing current nutrition intake and teaching sustainable alternatives. Along with pre-made nutrition planners

Movement Routines

Basic Strength Training & Cardio Plans

Teaching women to exercise while honoring their menstrual cycles. Providing sustainable 15-30min daily exercise routines

Laboratory Testing

In-Office, Life Labs, Live Blood Analysis & Specialty Testing 

Are you sick of guessing what is wrong?
Or perhaps the conventional testing has all come back "Normal"?
Many different testing available.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Tap into your subconscious mind

Unlock your potential to be 10x more focused on any given behavioural change. Used in Anxiety, Sleep issues, Mild Depression, Smoking cessation or Substance abuse, PTSD and more...


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Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND
Naturopathic Doctor
Founder of The 4 Clear's Method
IV & Prescribing certified

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