About Me

Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND

Naturopathic doctor currently working in Hamilton & Caledonia

Founder of The 4 Clear's Method- learn more on separate page.

Additional to her Naturopathic license she also holds IVIT, Ontario Prescribing & Therapeutics certifications.

She started her career in an integrative rehabilitation clinic treating exclusively post MVA's & chronic pain management. With many different forms of manual therapies. However she noticed some outlier patients that never became well even with weekly manual sessions.

It wasn't till she started looking into Autoimmunity & Live Blood Analysis till she was able to connect the dots...

Fast forward a few years later and Dr. Jacquie focused her Naturopathic practice to serving those struggling to manage their Autoimmune Disease.

Meet Dr. Jacquie Virtually

Clinic Locations:

Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND works In-Person at 2 locations:

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Hamilton Health & Wellness Centre

865 Upper James St
Hamilton location beside Laser mania near Mohawk and Upper James.
Currently in the office:
Wednesday 2-4pm +(7-8pm virtually)
Thursdays 10-4pm
Fridays 10-12pm
Saturday 10-4pm 1x/month

Healing Journey Naturopathic Clinic

25 Caithness St W.
Caledonia location before the bridge straight down Upper James until Caithness.
Currently in the office:
Tuesdays 10-4pm
Wednesdays 10-1pm
Fridays 1-4pm
Alternating Saturdays 10-4pm
Saturdays IV Day 1x/month 


865 Upper James St.
Hamilton, ON, L9C 3A3, CA

About us

Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND
Naturopathic Doctor
Founder of The 4 Clear's Method
IV & Prescribing certified

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