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Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND


I'm a dedicated naturopathic doctor practicing in Hamilton and Caledonia.

My journey in holistic healthcare has led me to found The 4 Clear's Method, a groundbreaking approach that you can learn more about on a dedicated page.

In addition to my naturopathic license, I proudly hold certifications in Intravenous Infusion Therapy (IVIT) as well as Ontario Prescribing & Therapeutics.

My passion for healing initially led me to an integrative rehabilitation clinic, where I focused in treating post-MVA injuries and managing chronic pain. My expertise extended to various manual therapies, offering patients tailored care.

During this time, I encountered some cases that posed a unique challenge—individuals who, despite regular manual therapy, were struggling to regain their health.

This pivotal moment prompted me to delve into the realms of Autoimmunity and Live Blood Analysis.

As I delved deeper, connections between seemingly unrelated factors began to emerge. Fast forward a few years, and my naturopathic practice took a transformative turn.

Today, I've devoted my skills to supporting individuals battling Autoimmune Diseases. My mission is to empower those facing these challenges, helping them navigate the complexities of their conditions and strive for a better quality of life.

Meet Dr. Jacquie Virtually

Clinic Locations:

Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND works In-Person at 2 locations:

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Hamilton Health & Wellness Centre

865 Upper James St
Hamilton location beside Laser mania near Mohawk and Upper James.

Currently in the office:
Thursdays 10-4pm

Available virtually Monday & Tuesday

Healing Journey Naturopathic Clinic

25 Caithness St W.
Caledonia location before the bridge straight down Upper James until Caithness.

Currently in the office:
Tuesdays 12-7pm
Wednesdays 10-4pm
Fridays 10-4pm
Alternating Saturdays 10-4pm


865 Upper James St.
Hamilton, ON, L9C 3A3, CA

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Dr. Jacquie Moulton, ND
Naturopathic Doctor
Founder of The 4 Clear's Method
IV & Prescribing certified

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